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We partner with the Excellence of Made in Italy to push you overcoming any execution limitations in dental manufacturing by discovering the new generation of dental solutions supported by cutting-edge CAD/CAM software and patented dental supplies accessible and affordable.


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The new generation of single screw-retained elements with hybrid manufacturing

Thanks to a patented hybrid production protocol, it is now possible to produce screw-retained single elements and crowns using additive manufacturing technology (SLM) on a pre-machined base obtained by turning. The process guarantees a perfect fitting to the prosthesis and allows you to save material with respect to traditional milling solutions.



1. More than 60 Titanium or Cobalt-Chrome abutments in 2 hours without sacrificing quality

2. Pre-machined and CE-certified implant connections that guarantee maximum precision

3. Perfect replica of the anathomical body


Pyramis is the most open and complete system for 3D printing management

Pyramis is the most open and complete software for 3D printing management. It can be used with the most popular existing technologies (SLS, SLA, SLM, DLP) and printing material (nylon, resins, metal, plastics, etc.). 

Thanks to Pyramis the laser melting phase carries out quickly and smoothy.



1. Guided interface which reduces the learning curve

2. Multiple automated functions like automated restoration recognition which
    reduce manual errors

3. Customization of software parameters as per productivity level




The first system with a Ti-base directly screwed onto the structure

Patented System to produce bridges on laser-sintered Titanium or Chrome-Cobalt alloy, Zirconia, PMMA. Preparation of a thread suitable to accommodate the V4 Ti-base into the structure.



1. Oxidation of the implant connection eliminated

2. Improved mechanical retention

3. Reduction of timing in intermediate stages in the laboratory

4. Possibility of In-House production


The smartest dental CAM software

Able to mill any restoration on any machine and material with superior quality results, MillBox is the most versatile CAM software for dental manufacturing. 




1. Flexible: Millbox can be adapted to the dental milling centre/laboratory capacity at any time. 

2. Automated  functions save operators’ time and provide reliable results. 

3. Affordable: the software il modular so you can just buy what you need.

4. Customizable lots of pre-set strategies as well as the possibility of customize them upon request.

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We have over seventy years of experience in the dental industry.
Founded in 1948, New Ancorvis has experienced a strong technological development since early 2000, which has allowed it to stand out on the dental market as an  ideal  and trustworthy partner for the operators of the industry, expanding the range of solutions offered in the dental and prosthetic sector.

The company has obtained CE certification along with UNI EN ISO 13485-2016 certification in its quest for customer satisfaction, customer protection and the quality of the production process.

The Company was founded back in 1999 as a commercial entity of Lab Numerical Control, a top-level software developer for industrial manufacturing. CIMsystem entered the dental business in 2007 pursuing the original mission: to be the best solution partner, ready to listen and comply to customers’ needs as well as to effectively follow the market development in a constantly changing environment. The company provides also many value-added services including consultancy, trainings, post-sales assistance and, last but not least, an international commercial organization able to respond to any customer’s need wherever they are.


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